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Intended for a female public, Surfista research to conquer and satisfy the surfers of the whole world by proposing customized surfboards.

   Surfista Surfboard is firstable the desire to create, mixed with the curiosity of shapes. The brand is aimed for a female audience with a collection of colorful boards. I like mixing new techniques, inserting fabrics or engraving into the foam. Qualified as a colorist, each board is unique, by it model as it color. Surfista is born from the mix between a Designer and a Surfer. Custom-made, the boards are shaped according to the client's physical characteristics (weight, size) and about her surfing level. To this point is added the customization, which is the particularity about Surfista: tinted resin, translucent or opaque, colorful patch, various fabrics, effects (glitter, chameleon)... The discovery of new techniques is one of my biggest interests, that's why Surfista joins forces with young designers today to jointly create partnership projects: from the design of a T-shit to the creation of a collection of surfboard's sock, the interest being the mutual assistance and the sharing, all around a sport: the Surf.


 Graduated from the "Institut des Arts Appliqués" of Montauban in 2015, it is as a Designer / Colorist that I am evolving on the Landes coast, in the south of France.


 From graphic design to interior design, object design or surfboard shaping, I like to diversify my skills and activities. My passion for riding sports inspired me in many of my projects; I like to vary colors and originality. 






 True passion, Graphic Design took a major place during my studies. My status as a Self-manager allows me today to practice my job of shaper but also my job of Designer by realizing graphic projects such as the creation of logo, illustrations (tattoo projects), Flyers, business cards, graphic identity and more.


  I am open and available to the accompaniment and creation of one of your graphic projects. Do not hesitate to contact me to share your ideas and, with pleasure, work together.

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